Annualized Distributions:  

Paid 8.00% in 2016 ► Paid 8.50% in 2017 ► Paid 9.13% in 2018 ► Paid 10.00% in 2019  ► Paid 9.25% in 2020 ► Paid 9.50% in 2021► Paid 8.75% in 2022

Company Overview:

8% Annual Return

Paid Quarterly

$500 Million

In Asset Portfolio

500 Loans Funded

Since Inception in 2016

$100 Million

In Lending Power


Since 2015, we've been breaking down barriers to building passive income through real estate investing.


We offer direct access to a diverse, asset-backed investment vehicle created by real estate veterans, secured with layers of protection. Our unique LLC structure creates a multiple income stream advantage, unlike other alternative asset-backed investment opportunities. These multiple income streams create passive income for our investors, providing quarterly dividends with the option to reinvest.

Why Crowd Lending?

Built on solid foundation
Built on Solid Foundation
  • Founded by Industry Veterans
  • Experienced, Professional Borrowers
  • Seasoned Loan Originators
Layered With Protection
Layered With Protection
  • Conservative Loan-To-Value Ratios
  • Asset-Backed Fund
  • Secure, Vetted, Diversified Investments
  • Underwritten with Proprietary Grading System
Monetized by Multiple Income Streams
Monetized by Multiple Income Streams
  • Borrower Interest
  • Loan Origination Fees
  • Bank Leverage
  • Loan Servicing Fees

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